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How to Program a Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain Group is a leading player in the world of keyless access. More specifically, it is a pioneer in the field of garage door openers, helping to change and refine the way we enter and exit our homes, offices, and communities. In this article, we will be looking at how to program a Chamberlain garage door opener.

There are three parts to these instructions:

Part 1   How to program the remote control using the door control

The door control is the device on your wall that you operate to open your garage door. The first thing to do is to locate the “learn button”. Lift off any plastic covers to ensure you can find the “learn button”, and then press it once to activate “pairing mode”. For some garage door openers, the “learn function” may be accessed instead by pressing and holding the button on the side of the door control, and then pressing the front button once.For those with smart door controls, use the menu to find the “program” tab, and then choose “remote”.     

Part 2   How to program the remote control with the garage door opener

For this part, we need to be able to access the main unit of the garage door opener itself, which is usually located on your garage ceiling. Firstly, we need to locate the “learn button” on the opener, and you may need to remove the plastic cover if there is one. The small LED light next to the “learn button” is what we use to check our connection with remote controls. Check the colors displayed by this LED light, as these will tell you which radio frequency is being used and therefore which door remotes are compatible with it. Your garage door opener manual will tell you what the colors are and which remotes it is capable of working with. Most modern door openers will be fine, but if your model pre-dates 1993, then it might be time to consider updating your opener.

Before you begin programming your remote, be sure to clear any existing “memory” it has by depressing the “learn button” for around five or six seconds. Then, simply press the button once and you are now ready to pair your remote. Next, push any one of the face buttons on your remote, and you will either hear a couple of clicks from your garage door opener, or its lights will flash – these are both signs that you have been successful in programming your remote.

Part 3   How to program a door opener keypad

As above, the first thing to do here is to locate the “learn button”. Then, check the colors displayed on the LED light, which is located next to the “learn button”. The colors on the LED light need to match the colors mentioned in the manual that comes with your door opener keypad.


Now, hold down the # and * buttons on your keypad. The keypad will then flash for a short while. When it stops flashing, this is the sign that you can now program it.  To do this, enter a PIN (4 digits) and press the # button. Then, input your ID number and press the # button again. The keypad should now be programmed.  

Next, press the “learn button” on the garage door opener so that it can be paired with the keypad. To do this, enter your PIN followed by ‘0’.

All that needs to be done now is to test the garage door by opening and closing it using your keypad.

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