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Garage door won’t open or close? Check this out.

Garage door repair Orange County

Having a non working garage door can be really annoying. These days everyone uses their garage door to go in / out of their property, yes... Much more than they use their front door, I really think front doors now days are only for visitors, Think about it :) If your garage door won’t shut and stays open, that could be because of the safety sensors that located on both sides of the door, mounted to the wall or to the garage door tracks. If this is the case you could adjust the sensors so they will both face each other, Make sure there is nothing on the way that block the sensors of facing each other. If your garage door won’t open, that could be because of a broken spring, we would suggest to change the opener to a manual mode and try to get the door open by hands, if the garage door too heavy to lift its because of the broken spring, in this case you should contact the garage door experts which is us :) If you door off track and uneven, that can turn to a very dangerous situation, Give is ya call today, At Orange County Garage Doors We are providing 24-7, Same day service.

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