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We're located In Huntington Beach, CA and serving the surrounded area.

We're Offering 24-7 Garage Door Repair - Service & Installation.

Our expert team can locate your garage door issue within 2-4 minutes.

Each of our technician has more than three years experience with garage doors and electric driveway gates,

Our team of technician is trustworthy and known by former clients.

We're provides professional service to all the local private houses and businesses in Huntington Beach, CA in ONE hour or less!

We're Offering 24-7 Hour Service.

Doesn't matter if it's commercial or sectional, residential, one piece & roll-up garage doors we handle all types.

you can reach us at any time 714-464-2881 and we will be there quickly.


Any kind of repair & installation jobs can be done at the same day, New door replacement can be done in 1-4 days. 

We are working all around Huntington beach, CA 92646, 92647, 92648, 92649


We DO NOT charge extra for weekend & holidays!


Why Should You Choose Us?

- We're Licensed, Insured & Bonded

- We're Local In Huntington Beach, CA

- Over 15 Years In The Industry 

- We're Reliable & Honest! 

- 24-7 Hour, Same Day Emergency Service

We Fix Garage Doors Right!

For skilled garage door repair in Huntington Beach CA: give us a call.

Call Us today! Huntington Beach Garage Door Specializes in Repair and Service:

Broken Overhead Garage Door Springs

Torsion Spring Experts

Broken Garage Door Cables

Broken or Bent Rollers

Bent Track; Misaligned or Rusted Track

Replacement of Sections or Panels

25-Point Safety Inspection

Garage Door Hardware Overhauls

Noisy Garage Doors Silenced

Why Choose us?

Same Day Service:

We at Huntington Beach garage  specialized  has Professionally Trained Technicians with totally furnished trucks, which implies we've all the elements to induce it done right the primary time.

Don't waste days looking ahead to a repair or be placed on a wait list.

Your time is important.

24/7 Emergency Service:

We have somebody waiting to in person answer your go in all hours of the day or night and each day of the week.


Lifetime Limited Warranty:

We offer the foremost intensive period assurance within the business.

Our assurance covers all errors in materials and/or craftsmanship.

(This are the last time you ever have to be compelled to repair your door.)


All Major Brands:

We install and repair just about each whole and manufacturer of garage doors and openers.

In the years we've been service overhead garage doors and operators for owners in Huntington Beach, there is not one manufacturer or whole of residential garage doors that we've

not been able to install or repair to our customer's satisfaction.

We Fix Garage Doors Right:

Professionally Trained Technicians - we might send a "repairman" or "subcontractor" to your home.

We stand behind our service with a similar dedication that we have a tendency to back our product.

You deserve a Professionally Trained Technician.

Our service techs ar totally trained to understand your system, to figure quick, and to urge the duty done right the primary time.


After playing a whole 25-Point Safety review, our service technicians supply their best recommendation supported safety, price effectiveness, and price to the client.

Our technicians work together with your individual wants and can additionally supply alternate solutions.


Quality Parts/ Superior Hardware - we have a tendency to offer solely the very best quality garage door elements, that is why we have a tendency to ar ready to supply the simplest pledge within the business.


Give United States a decision... we'll be happy to answer any queries you have got.


Emergency Service for twenty-four hour Emergency Service, please decision to call us now!

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Broken Spring Repair & Replacement In Huntington Beach, CA


There are two types of garage door springs - the Torsion springs which are located in at the center of the door above-head; and Extension springs- attached in both sides above the tracks.


The springs are the mechanical part that lift the door hence they have a lot of tension on them which makes them dangerous - do not go near - call us and we will be there in 1 hour!!


Once the technician gets to your home he will know exactly what you need for your door so you will have no more trouble - most jobs including spring fault don't take more than a couple of hours.

Automatic Opener Repair & Installation In Huntington Beach, CA


Nowadays there are various motors for your garage door, In Huntington garage door company we support the LiftMaster garage door openers - as it is the most professional, silent and durable motor there is.

Automatic Opener Repair & Installation

Our top garage door opener seller is LiftMaster but we do fix and repair other brands.

  • LiftMaster Chain Dr.

  • LiftMaster Screw Dr.

  • LiftMaster Belt Dr.

  • LiftMaster Jackshaft Side Mount Operator

Snapped Cable Repair In Huntington Beach, CA


On both sides of the door there are cables, (What actually lifting up the door)

there are few reasons that can cause the cables get detached from the pulleys on the sides;

Spring may be broken or an object got stuck in the tracks , or its a problem in the motor alignment adjustment.


Call us today and we will be at your home \ business in 60 minutes if needed.


714-464-2881  - no extra charge on weekends and holidays, opened 24/7.

Garage Door Off Track Repair In Huntington Beach, CA


The garage door might tilt or fall, to this situation we call "off track" - because simply the door went off its track, because of that the wheels pop out.


If the door went of its track it might fall any minute - so be careful and stay away from the door!!

If you are stuck behind the door with your car and can't leave for work, We can fix it today.


There is no need to replace the entire door, we can fix it!

Tom M.

Huntington Beach, CA 92649

My garage door remote just stopped working, I googled garage door repair service in Huntington Beach, CA and found John from OC Garage Doors. He is actually local in HB​ so he could come out right away to see what's wrong with the door and how much it will be. 50 minutes after making the call, John showed out and checked the motor, it was old genie screw driven from 1992. He suggested to replace it with a new LiftMaster Belt dr. It has a backup battery and also with the MyQ it's programmed to my smart phone! John also serviced and lubed the door with no extra charge! Thank you!


Ron M.

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

This morning I was about to leave for work but my garage door won't open, the remote didn't work neither. I googled garage door repair service near me and found OC Garage doors, I spoke to Doris on the phone and she was able to dispatch John which lives right next to me in Huntington Beach. An hour later he was here fixing my genie garage door opener, He replaced the limit switch and circuit board. awesome work! Thank you ! 


Micheal E.

Huntington Beach, CA 92646

I was about to leave for work this morning and my garage door won't open, I looked around and called John from OC Garage Doors in Huntington Beach. He was able to assist right away, He showed up 25 minutes later (lucky he live in HB). he gave a fair quote of $250 to replace both garage door springs including a full tune service for the door, lubed the rollers, hinges, chain, etc... he also balanced the door. An hour later he was done repairing the door. John was knowledgeable and a truly professional, I will highly recommend him to anyone in HB for garage door repairs or installations!


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