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Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Orange County

  •  What is the cost to repair / replace garage door spring?

The price to replace garage door torsion spring are usually runs

around $250-$350, Depending on the size of the spring & door.

  • How long does it take to replace garage door spring?


Replacing the garage door spring can take anywhere around 30 minutes to one hour (with the right tools & experience)

  • What type of spring garage door use?

Torsion spring are the most popular these days.

* The garage door springs are crucial to the system.


The springs actually lift the door up, not the opener!

When the door is shut, the garage door spring tension is high; when the door is open, the pressure drops.

If you have one broken spring, both door springs should be replaced, otherwise the other spring,

already worn, is likely to fail. The result will be dealing with the same emergency again.



There are two types of GARAGE DOOR SPRING. Extension springs and Torsion springs.There are also many different sizes. Our technicians are highly professional, experienced and know how to Identify which springs your door needs! The springs are the most important part of the Door system. The spring is the part that actually lifts the door up, not the opener. When the garage door shuts, the spring tension is high, while when opening the door then spring pressure drops. A Door springs fail due the ware and tiny cracks over years of constant changing pressures, weather changes and poor maintenance. Let Orange County Garage Doors replace your broken spring!


IMPORTANT TIPS:  * Always replace both springs at once! 

* Don't over tighten the set screws on torsion cones and cable pulleys.

Hand tighten the set screws until they make contact with the torsion tube and tighten 3/4 of a turn!

Fixing A Garage Door Broken Spring


This article presents a brief overview of how to replace a broken spring in door. There are basically two types of garage door springs. The torsion springs are large and placed above and parallel to the garage doors. On the other hand, extension springs are hung overhead and perpendicular to the garage doors. Both types of springs exert pressure on cables and assist in opening closed garage doors.


Among the many minor catastrophes that befall modern suburbanites few are as frustrating and potentially harmful as a broken or weakened overhead Torsion spring in a garage door. It will cause the garage door to completely fail to open trapping your car either inside or outside. Fixing the spring requires that the broken garage door spring be replaced and this is a job that many people prefer to leave to a professional repairman. If you opt to do the repair yourself then be sure to use heavy work gloves and eye goggles to avoid injury to yourself and keep the work area clear or objects, pets, and other people especially children to avoid injury to others.


Typically garage door torsion springs are found overhead around a bar attached to the front wall of the garage. The ends of the bar are held by drums. These springs may operate as a single spring or as a pair of springs. They are wrapped around a aligning shaft and one end attaches to a plate attached to the garage ceiling. The other end is fixed to cables on the sides of the door. As the door closes the cables pull the spring open. spring exerts a lot of pressure on the cables and this pressure is later used to assist in opening the door. To remove the torsion springs it is necessary to use special iron tools – adjusting bars that look like giant chopsticks. These are inserted into the drums and used to decompression the springs. These tools are inserted into recessions in the drums and used to twist the drum which in turn twists the spring to decompression it.


To be completely decompress, the broken spring is usually turned one complete revolution for each foot the garage door is high. Check to see if the cables are loose to determine whether the broken garage door spring has been completely decompressed. Once the garage door spring has been completely decompressed the broken spring can be unattached for the drum and removed.


Extension springs are not as big or as powerful as torsion springs so they are easier to work with and there is not as great a threat of injury. Still, safety glasses should be worn nonetheless. Unlike the torsion springs, no specialized tools are required to replace an extension spring. They are found over head in pairs perpendicular to the side of the garage door. They are connected at one to door cables and the other to a metal frame attached to the garage ceiling. To replace a worn or broken spring, open the garage door all the way, make sure you put a piece of 2 by 4 just to support the door to stay open and do not unplug the garage door opener to manual mode. Remove the old broken garage door spring by unhooking both ends. Install the new garage door spring by hooking the ends of the springs 


Garage door openers may operate with either extension springs or torsion springs or a combination of both. 

 * Remember ! Orange County Garage Door do not RECOMMEND to do it yourself! Call us, the garage door experts !

garage door broken spring
garage door spring

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