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How to Program Your Garage Door Opener

Today, many residential homes across America, and indeed much of the developed world, rely on garage door openers for convenient and reliable access and security. However, how many homeowners understand how their garage door opener works? And more specifically, how do new buyers program a garage door opener successfully?  We will address this question in this article.

A brief history of garage door openers

The first garage door opener dates back as early as 1926. It was C.G. Johnson of Indiana who first invented the electric door opener, and gradually, over time, improvements were added to improve efficiency and safety. By the 1980s, manufacturers were able to incorporate infrared technology, and thus the garage door opener industry could fully take off. It is now worth more than $1 billion.   


The basic mechanics of garage door openers

The first thing to explain is how the garage door opens. Essentially, a motor is equipped with a receiver that picks up signals sent by a remote-control device. Once activated, the belt, screw, or chain will begin extending the torsion or extension springs located by your garage door. In tandem with cables, the springs then work to open and close the door.  Next, the panels attached with hinges permit the door to bend as it raises and descends, guided by rollers that run along tracks on both sides of the door.      Today, garage door openers are usually operated by radio transmitters.

The different types of garage door openers  

Garage door openers generally come in three main types: these are the chain drive, the belt drive, and the screw drive.

The chain drive system is very popular as it is usually quite robust, and affordable. But it can be quite noisy at times.

On the other hand, belt drive garage door openers are much quieter.  However, they are not so suitable for very heavy doors and are a little more expensive.

Screw drive garage door openers have the advantage of fewer moving parts, although the screw may need to be lubricated a couple of times a year, and drastic temperature changes may affect the screw system.  

In all these systems, programming the garage door opener usually involves syncing the opener with a remote control or a keypad.

How to program your garage door opener in seven simple steps:

Step 1    Locate the “learn” button: this button is generally found on the opener unit that is either mounted on the garage ceiling or installed beside it.

Step 2    Clear any previous programming: you must certainly check that any existing codes are cleared from the system. This is done by holding down the learn button until the indicator light on the door opener unit is extinguished.

Step 3    Choose a PIN or remote button: for those using a keypad, you must choose your PIN code, and for those using a remote control, you need to choose which button is to be assigned as the opener.

Step 4    Enter the programming mode: first press and then release the “learn” button on the door opener unit. The indicator light should start to blink.

Step 5    Program the keypad or remote: for a keypad, enter a chosen PIN and press "Enter". For a remote control, select the assigned button and press and hold until the lights flash on the opener or a clicking sound is generated.

Step 6    Perform a quick test to see if the garage door is opening and closing in response to your remote or keypad commands.

Step 7    Concluding the process: finally, by pressing the “learn” button once again on the opener unit, you will exit the programming mode.

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