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Get Tuned and Your Garage Door Inspected - up For Summer!

As spring turns to summer and we drink Dads and Grads etc. let us not forget that February is additionally "Garage Door Safety Month" and it is a good time to remind everyone that Garage doors can be Dangerous!

Critically, the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests that every year 30,000 individuals are injured by defective garage door systems; and that is only those injuries that needed medical attention while many other harms really go unreported.

Your garage door is actually a wall that is movable thing in your house, and when coupled with the automatic garage door opener, it's the biggest and probably the most dangerous moving. Consider a garage door could be potentially fatal, and can weigh over 400 pounds. That is not a fair fight, specially when children are involved.

When the door shuts an adjusted garage door or automatic opener can use lethal force. This can and has (all too frequently) led to serious harm or death from being hit with a closing garage door or from being trapped beneath the doorway.

What are you able to do? Care the correct setup and testing of both of these pieces of gear are essential to supply safe, trouble free operation to responsible homeowners. Choose a couple of minutes to inspect and examine your garage door system and make that review and testing part of your regular routine. Security is everybody's company.

Not comfortable doing it yourself or should you suspect that something is not quite correct? Get in touch with your Orange County Garage Door Service professional ASAP for an inspection and tune up in

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